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For sports enthusiasts who enjoy competition but are not very physically gifted or able, darts has been a great solution for many years. Betting on games is becoming increasing popular as well, both offline and on the online betting sites in Australia. Read our guidelines below and then set off on your own online Darts betting adventure.

The surge in darts wagering popularity is really down to Phil Taylor, who has dominated professional darts for years and is a world champion many times over. Watching his revolutionary throwing techniques is always thrilling and has really ignited interest in the game.

There are two world bodies that hold tournaments, namely the British Darts Organisation (BDO) and the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC). Both hold many of their own tourneys, and together they host the World Professional Championship which is the biggest event on the Darts betting calendar. All of these events offer a wide range of wagering opportunities for novice and seasoned punters alike.

There are three types of Darts bets that you can make at online sports betting sites in Australia. The most common are called Outright Bets, where you are required to name the player that will win. All players have odds attached to them for betting purposes, and if a player that you have bet on wins and has a 3/1 rating, you will win three dollars for every dollar that you put on them.

Match and Set Bets are placed on whether you think a player will win a specific match or set in the overall game.

Phil Taylor has become such a legend in his own time that backing him has become synonymous with careful and considered online Darts betting. However, Taylor’s odds are nearly always very short and while this is understandable it does influence how you bet if you hope to gain decent returns. You will need to wager large amounts of money if you want respectable rewards, but luckily Taylor’s playing is almost faultless.

When Taylor is not playing, or even when he is, there is other research you can do to help you make good wagering decisions. There is a surprising amount of Darts action going on all year round, so you should find lots of information. The most important thing to look at is always the statistics of the darts player. These include their recent performance history, and you should check where they have been placing. Checking the head to head statistics, where two players of comparable merit are pitted against each other and then their rankings are reviewed, is another great way to gain insight into a player’s performance.

The other thing to remember is that if you intend to place extensive bets on Darts games, you should always choose trusted and recommended sites and bookmakers like the ones you will find here. This will ensure that all Darts betting events are covered and that you get the best odds. You will also have access to great promotions such as money-back offers and free wagers, which will allow you to place larger bets and so win larger amounts.

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A Growing Field

As the popularity of Darts games and Darts betting continue to grow, the diversity of players and bets is sure to also expand. This is already a very entertaining area of Australian mobile sports betting, and seems set to become even more so.

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