Financial Betting Online in Australia

If you want to try your hand at another type of betting that’s similar to sports betting but is more focused on stocks, interest rates and the growth and shrinkage there of, financial betting is a great option.  In Australia this type of betting is becoming increasingly popular and for many it’s considered to be the next big thing in online gambling entertainment.

Whilst many people participate in trading stock online they don’t always look to the financial markets as a place to enjoy a similar form of betting. However for those who do, they fast find that they can benefit without the expense of buying stock and incurring commission fees and other charges, whilst still betting on how much a stock grows or shrinks over a determined period of time. To ensure that you enjoy the best possible financial betting experience and that you always have access to the top rated betting sites, we’ve recommended a selection of Australian online betting sites that will welcome you and offer the best spreads.

Financial betting refers to the wagering on the development of a trad able asset and its price over a specific period of time, against odds offered by a bookmaker. The outcome of this type of betting is not variable, you either win or lose and the payout is generally 100% for a win, or nothing for a losing bet. This style of betting is truly unique and it’s not always handled by bookmakers, but can also be undertaken via a specialized broker or in some cases by a country’s financial oversight regulators.

When you participate in a financial bet you are predicting what stock will do in the future. Bets can be placed on whether the stock will rise or drop and in some cases a choice of percentages is available, narrowing down the scope of the spread. When you choose your stock you can also select the duration during which you think it will rise or fall and this can be anything from a quarter, half a year or even a full year. Financial betting is actually very simple and wagering on whether the interest rate will rise or fall during a specific period of time can be very exciting for those who enjoy watching the markets but don’t want to buy stock or actually trade themselves. To get started all you need to do is pick a stock, select the outcome you think is feasible, place your bet in various sports like boxing betting, cricket, rugby etc and wait and see whether your prediction becomes a reality.

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Benefits of Financial Betting

Financial betting offers Australians many advantages and the biggest is the insulation from risk when compared to other types of financial engagement. In financial betting, if the prediction is wrong the bettor is only down the cost of the bet, no more or less, whilst if stock had been bought and traded you could be in for more than the initial investment if a drop occurs. With financial betting the bettor enjoys all the flexibility of choosing the stock, the duration in which they want to monitor the stock and whether it will go up or down, yet no other commitments are required. If your prediction is correct you will receive your payout, and if not, you will know from the start what the size of your loss will be.

Financial betting offers Australians plenty of options and all the top sites allow for this style of wagering on both short term and long term and fixed or floating odd bets.

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