Greyhound Racing Betting Online

Betting on greyhound races has been enjoyed for many years, and today online and mobile sports betting sites in Australia make it possible for you to enjoy this pastime wherever or whenever you like. This seamless merging with daily life is perfect for the busy players of today and means you never have to miss out on even a moment of fun.

Since ancient times, greyhounds have lived alongside people and have provided companionship to great rulers including Alexander the Great, Cleopatra, Elizabeth the First and William the Conqueror. They have fulfilled the roles of courtly pets and symbols of the aristocracy to determined guard dogs and jackrabbit hunters. Their proud history continues today, and they are revered as professional sprinters and important members of any household they live in.

Greyhound racing betting involves the dogs chasing artificial lures around the track, with these beautiful animals reaching seventy-two kilometres per hour. They are actually the world’s second-fastest mammals, and when you are watching them race this is very easy to believe.

There are many different types of wagers possible in greyhound racing betting, which is one of the things that makes this sport so exciting. Two betting systems are used, namely parimutuel or pool betting and fixed odds betting. In the former, all bets of the same type are pooed together and payouts are shared among all winning bets. In the latter your return is determined by odds that are fixed when you place your bet. Each of these is more beneficial in different circumstances, and you should make sure that your bet type is always favourable. In addition to changing exotic bets, the available greyhound racing options include:

  • A Straight bet allows you to name a winner from a list. IF the dog you picked comes first, you win your bet
  • A Place bet is the same as a straight, but you will win if your dog comes first or second
  • In an Each Way bet you will receive your full winnings should your chosen dog finish first, and part of them if it finishes second or third
  • For a Perfecta, also called an Exacta or a straight forecast, you need to name two dogs that you think will come first and second and have them place in the right order to win. A Quiniela or reverse forecast is the same but the dogs can place in either order
  • A Trifecta and a Superfecta bet rewards you if you correctly pick the first three and four finishing spots respectively
  • In a multiple bet you are allowed to make two to twelve selections on one ticket, but they all have to win for you to win the ticket
  • Head-to-Head bets require you to predict which of two hound will finish higher in the race
  • For Over/Under bets, you must say whether the winning distance between the first and second dogs will be over or under the bookmaker’s prediction
  • In a Winning Trap bet you need to predict whether the winning dog will have an odd or even trap number
  • Combination bets involve several different wagers in which you can punt on up to four greyhounds

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Greyhound racing betting continues to be one of the most popular and satisfying online sports betting in Australia. As you play more and more, you will get to know which bets work best and how to choose which dog to back. The more you learn, the more pleasurable gambling will become.

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