Horse Racing Tips Online in Australia

In Australia horse racing is the second most popular sports betting choice, pipped to the post only by Aussie rules football. Making solid bets is thus a huge priority for many a punter, and watching horses race, especially in some of the bigger events is hugely exciting. Placing a winning bet is exhilarating and it’s easy to see why this form of wagering entertainment has made it right to the top of Australian online sports betting favorites. The difference between betting on a winning or losing horse can come down to a split second so it’s important to know how you can increase your odds of  a hefty payout by making use of horse racing tips. Taking advantage of top tips could be the difference between a loss and a jackpot payout, so keep reading if you want to increase your chances of becoming a winner.

When placing a bet it’s vital that you examine the odds and determine whether they will be advantageous. Often along shot may pay out more as the odds are less as the horse is not expected to win, whilst horses with higher odds may pay out less as the expectation of a win or a place is already present. Long shots often result in big wins and a savvy punter will also trust their gut, as knowing your betting options and analyzing stats are not always the only way to predict a winner.

One of the most important horse betting tips any punter can take is to become familiar with the type of options on offer. In horse racing tips there are a number of different types of bets that can be placed, and beginners may find this a bit confusing. Some of these bets have better odds or offer an increased chance of a win, and once you get into the swing of things you’ll fast find that wagering on a winner is easy. Some of the more popular horse racing betting tips you’ll need to know include:

These are straight bets that rely on you choosing the winner or second and third place. Win and place bets offer a variety of different horse racing betting tips and options and you can select which variant suits you. Placing a horse bet on a win is very exact, but choosing a win or place means that you have a larger chance of predicting an outcome of a race that could be rewarding.

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Exotic Horse Racing Betting Tips

These bets are more advanced than just predicting a win or a place and by understanding how they work you could enjoy a large payout. A variety of exactas, trifectas, quadrellas and quinellas are classed as exotic bets and offer a wealth of possibilities.

Multi Bets

If you want to bet across a series of races these bets are your best option and double, trebles and parlays can be put in place across a number of events. These bets are particularly exciting as they run over the course of several races and suspense is built up.


These bets are renowned for making Australians big winners and combine four or more selections into one single wager. This bet is incredibly risky as if a single selection loses the bet is lost in its entirety, but if every prediction is correct the rewards are enormous.

Checking out the Horse Betting Tips

Analyzing the stats of a horse racing is also an important part of horse betting tips and with every race you’ll be given information on a number of factors that could influence the overall outcome. You’ll be given information on the horse, and this is often the make or break deciding factor on whether you should back a particular runner. Win and loss percentages are named, the numbers of races run and the trainer and owner are all listed, along with any other relevant information. You’ll also be given information on the jockey, his experience and his record, as it’s often the jockey that influences the horse’s performance the most. Track information is also supplied and this will tell you whether your preferred horse performs well under the required conditions.

Once you have checked out all this information you can make your pick and hope that your horse is the one that crosses the line first.

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